You may be aware that it is necessary for your dog or dogs to wear an electric dog collar, but do you know which kind of collar is best for your particular pets? Some collars, like the Citronella Collar, are of higher quality than others, and the collars you need for each dog size may vary from those you are used to buying.

When you ensure that your dogs are wearing the appropriate collars and leashes, you can relax knowing that your pet is safe, whether you are walking them around the neighborhood or taking them on vacation.

Selecting the Appropriate Dog Collars

The first consideration when selecting dog training collars is the material from which they are made. If you have a smaller dog with less strength, you may not need to be as worried about this. However, anybody with a medium-sized or larger dog must pay special attention to the durability of the material utilized to construct the dog training collar like the Citronella Collar.

In addition to being durable and long-lasting, the material should not irritate the dog’s skin when it comes into touch with its skin. Always examine your dog’s skin often for signs of pain, redness, or any other strange behavior that might be caused by a new electric dog collar.

Citronella Collar

Fit is an additional consideration while searching for the finest dog collars. This is a common reason why some individuals want to bring their pets shopping with them. A quality collar will be snug and comfy. As I said in a previous piece on collars, the dog training collar should be loose enough to enable you to slide a few fingers between it and the dog’s neck, but not so loose that the dog can turn around and escape (as has happened in the past).

The vast majority of dog training collars are adjustable and practical. If you get an item that does not match the description, do not be afraid to return it for a replacement or to the merchant.


It may not be appropriate for a toy poodle to wear a large black leather collar with studs, while a British Bulldog may not benefit from a large pink ribbon collar.

If you have a large dog, you should consider the strength of the electric dog collar you select as well as the tightness of the fastening. You can consider the Citronella Collar as well.